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Metal Products Division

Some of Our Metal Products

  • Residential-VersaFrame
  • Residential-Versa-SideView
  • Residential Versa Frame
  • Aluminum-Handrail-W
  • HandRail-Glass-Stainless-Steel
  • MildSteel-HandRail
  • Aluminum-Gate-Wodden-Infill
  • Aluminum-Gate-PlasticBoard
  • Aluminum-PlasticInfill
  • Aluminum-Gate
  • Driveway-Gate
  • Back View of Truck

Tailored to Serve Three Divisions

Commercial, Residential, and Automotive

The Metal Products Division encompasses all the additional products and services we deliver to our clients beyond prefabricated metal buildings. Our dedicated metal professionals, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, are ready to meet any challenge. We have the capacity to service the larger commercial client, yet the flexibility to meet the needs of the individual homeowner. Whatever the application—be it commercial, residential, or automotive—we are ready to meet all your metal needs. We can offer clients a comprehensive range of services including welding, sheet metal, and light gauge framing. We work with a variety of metals (aluminum, copper, mild steel, galvanised steel, and stainless steel) to create an assortment of finishes, both decorative and functional. Housed within our extensive factory and workshop is a resource of professional knowledge and technical capacity to match any company in the Caribbean. We can provide professionally welded products in both iron and aluminum. With multiple state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerically controlled) plasma cutting, bending, and rolling machines, we can cut, bend, or punch sheet metal to create enduring metal fixtures and one-of-a-kind pieces.


We pride ourselves on being able to produce the exact product an individual client requires. Our company is structured to meet the needs of the residential client by creating works that are both functional and decorative to enhance any home’s design.


  • Balustrades
  • Road Grills
  • Handrails
  • Manhole Covers
  • Gates
  • Gun Safes


Structural Systems Limited has both the capacity and experience to service the most demanding commercial client. Whether our clients require indoor or outdoor metal products, we will provide customised and secure solutions that are built to last.


  • Canopies
  • Hand Rails
  • Balustrades
  • Steel Doors


From private motorists to commercial fleets, we have the resources to build and install a wide range of automotive enhancements. Our services include everything from heavy-duty linings for your fleet of trucks to a customised fender for your car.


  • Roll Cages
  • Roll Bars
  • Bed Liners
  • Utility Boxes
  • Trailers
  • Tow Bars.

Our Range of Services






Sheet Metal

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