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Buildings Division

Buildings Division

Structural Systems Limited has more than 40 years of experience prefabricating and installing metal buildings across the Caribbean. With the most advanced automated steel plant in the Caribbean and a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM production process, our in-house team of designers and engineers stand ready to face any possible manufacturing challenge with efficiency and expertise. Whether for commercial, industrial, agricultural, or recreational purposes, Structural Systems Limited is backed by a vast portfolio of durable structures throughout the Caribbean. Their constructions are highly diverse: churches, schools, retail stores, factories, warehouses, hotels, offices, sports complexes and even simply one car garages. All buildings are designed to the Caribbean Wind Code and overseen by our team of structural engineers, ensuring the highest standards of quality control are delivered and the exacting standards we set for strength are met. Additionally, every client of Structural Systems Limited benefits from our customised ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This system, installed at a significant investment, manages our plant’s production capacity of 5,000 tonnes of steel per year, and allows the flexibility and 360° control needed to ensure Structural Systems Limited delivers the most efficient manufacturing solutions.

  • Club House Built And Erected In 8 Days At Bushy Park
  • Digicel Banner
  • Kensington Oval 3W’s stand
  • Office Building
  • Gym and Shopping Complex
  • Waste Way Station
  • Maintenance Building Exterior
  • Service Station Canopy
  • Bridge in Sandy Lane
  • Warehouse Complex
  • Business Complex
  • Warehouse Complex

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